15th september 2018  cmcdn pacov

     ATTENTION             ATTENTION    


Let’s have a wonderful and fair CMCdN. 



Be sure that the bikes for the different groups are in line with the rules and also in good technical condition. 
Special attention for the suspension.  
If there is doubt, figures will be compared with the data on the  Entry form. 


Team Captains be sure that your riders have the right bike for their groups and also that the bikes are in line with the rules. If not than the rider will harm his team and also his country with 50 penalty points per manche.
We want fairness and joy in our classic motorsport.




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15-09-2018              PACOV

              CMCdN                         CZECH REPUBLIC


Dear sportfriends don’t miss this event!

The small city of Pacov is very motorsport minded.

The city is looking forward to welcome all riders and spectators from the different European countries. It is worth staying a little bit longer, before or after the CMCdN and enjoy the country and the very friendly citizens.

We will meet again for this yearly wonderful ECMO event on September 15. 
Have a nice summer, a perfect holiday and stay healthy.





Bad salzungen



This CEC-season from ECMO is finished.

All three races were blessed with wonderful nice weather. The fantastic organization of the three clubs, their really good tracks for the classics, the friendly cooperation and all facilities in the paddocks and also around it, deserves a low bow!! “CHAPEAU”!!



Specially the last race in Bad Salzungen brought a lot of pressure in several groups because of all the possible final results. On the track with really big differences in altitude, a few favourites had problems with their bikes and that brought new changes for the pursuers. Strange enough it happens in both manches in 60+ and 72+. In de last group Hans Astorsson was the lucky one because of the engine troubles by Oostra and Buttner. Admirable is that we have in this group 3 riders over 80! Unbelievable, told me a reporter of the German Television WDR, who made an impression of this event. And Bad Salzungen can be proud because of this total happening. The camera man of WDR found the structure and the programming during this ECMO event very special but clever.


In the 30+ there was a battle between David Riha (CZ) and Wayne Partington (EN) and also with 2 riders, Vare Teet(EE) and Olivier Derome (BE), very close behind. Each small mistake could mixed up the ranking. Was Petr Kotria(CZ) the most fast man this day in Bad S., David could follow, but Wayne wasn’t in good shape that day and even had to give way to Bjorn Verdoodt (BE). A nice and very fast race. So Riha the champion, with Partington 2 and Derome 3 place,


A big friendly man on a CZ, very fast, we know him as Karel Mitvalsky (CZ). Lightning fast with spectacular jumps, he was special class that CEC-3. A pity he was not in Reading, then we could have had a thrilling competition for the 50+ Championship. Now Aadu Sikk (EE), George Best (EN), John Smeyers (BE) and Jan William Nielsen (DK) were in for the best places. Finally Aadu and George had equal points, same number of manches won, so the last manche in Bad S. was decisive. In what way exiting?! Aadu new champion, Keith on second and close behind John on 3 place.


Do you know that we had over 200 participants in total at the start!!!! Classic cross well organized and in good harmony with the clubs is alive and kicking. Respect in two ways is the medicine. 


Still getting a bit older in ages (60+), but looking to the races you can’t believe what you see. Names? Van de Nieuwenhof (NL), Matthia (EN), Fura (FR),Branda (CZ), Senn (CH), Polsvoort (NL), Martineaud (FR),Winiger(CH), boys over 60. Riding like youngsters. Battling, changing positions, wonderful to look at. But finally Peter Matthia was the Champion with Alain Fura (2) and Vitezslav Branda(3) on the platform.


The following group is the 66+ group. There was this year one rider who seemed to be unbeatable. Difficult to say his name in English, is his nick name “Crême Brulée”. We are talking about Roger Brelet, the French B&B combination, Brelet and his BSA! Behind him it was an exciting battle between Dunford(EN), Dehan(FR), Larsen(DK) and 3 Dutch riders, Van de Brom, Polsvoort and Homan and the Swiss rider Werner Mohr. Special for this group is that we see so many beautiful 4-strokes. 



Last but not least we have our special group of former champions, with beautiful bikes from the early 1960’s. The 72+ group with about 30 riders is a group were the first 6 riders have the possibility to score high in the ranking. And this last race was very thrilling because of the fact that Oostra(BE) and Buttner(DE) were almost equal in points. But then…....… the first manche Oostra felt and his bike didn’t start, so Buttner could pick the championship, but…....……… He made a mistake by overtaking Renders (ES) and……..for both FINITO championship. Hans Astorsson (SE) went smiling over the finish line.


During my 11 years of chairmanship of ECMO, I cannot remember a year so beautiful qua tracks, organizers and weather. Special the weather has contributed to that great number of participants and the intense nice atmosphere in the paddock, during “Ladies Hour” and the firm but fair battles on the track.


I only can say thanks to all of you, riders, spectators, volunteers and last but not least our organizers. THANK YOU!!!

But now we have to prepare our special meeting in September, the Classic Moto Cross des Nations (CMCdN), in Pacov in the Czech Republic on 15th September 2018. I hope that we can welcome many teams from the several member countries.


For the complete ranking and results go to the ECMO Website-Results and open it.

The same you can do with the pictures from all races. Go to: 

Enjoy your summer holidays, collect new energy and let us meet each other again in Pacov (CZ).


Kindly yours,


Die Saison 2018 mit dem 3 CEC-Rennen ist vorbei.

Die neue Europa Meister sind bekannt. Gesegnet mit fabelhaftes Wetter, prima „Classic“ Strecken und 3 hervorragende Veranstalter, war dieses Jahr einer der schönsten in meine 11 Jährige Periode als Vorsitzender der ECMO. Ein riesen Kompliment an Alle die damit beschäftigt gewesen sind. Helfer, Streckenposten, 
Rote Kreuz, die Damen von Ladies Hour, usw. Herzlichen Dank dafür! CHAPEAU!!!!

Das Abschluss Rennen in Bad Salzungen war ein sehr spannendes Rennen aber in eine entspannende Atmosphäre, wobei Streit und Respekt, siegen und Freundschaft, neben einander standen. Der Auftritt einer Spanische Flamenco Tänzerin während „Ladies Hour“ war eine  Überraschung für die Damen.


Wissen Sie übrigens das ins Gesamt über 200 Fahrer mitgemacht haben in ein oder mehrere CEC Rennen? 

Jedes Rennen waren da um 160 Fahrer am Start!!! „Classic Moto Cross“ , gut organisiert und in guten Harmonie zwischen Veranstalter, Fahrer und ECMO, ist quicklebendig!


Und jetzt präparieren wir uns auf dem „Classic Moto Cross des Nations“, (CMCdN) in Pacov in Tsjechien am 15 September. Aber vorher wünsche ich Euch, auch im Nahmen des Vorstands, eine wunderschöne Sommer Ferien. Entspannen sie richtig und komm mit volle Batterie wieder gesund nach Hause und auch nach Pacov. Ich hoffe das es sehr viele Teams geben wird aus sehr viele Länder.

Die Resultate der CEC und auch die Bilder, findet man auf der ECMO Site, bei „Resultate“ und „Bilder“ und die Adresse ist: 


Lass auch diese Veranstaltung in Pacov eine schöne und „exclusive“ sein. Schöne Sommer und bis 15 September in Pacov.


Sportliche Grüße,



Classic Moto Cross Only for Men……..


When in 1966 James Brown released his new single “It’s a man’s, man’s, man’s world” he couldn’t know that in 2018 it still seems to be true, looking on the track and in the paddock during the ECMO races.

But are there no women involved in the classic cross? Of course they are. They are there to support their men and friends, give instructions during the race, cooking etc. They are an important part of the races weekends. Having their own “Ladies Hour” to socialize with other European women, eat and drink some and have fun, but…….from a technical point of view we see very few women. Though when I tell you there is such a lady, complete in love with all parts of classic bikes, you all know her. Almost every “classic” event she is there.

  See this drawing. If you want any part of it, tell her, give her your measures and she will make it exactly as you want. Very precisely, with her computer, as written in the manual. But than real new.  

No matter what you want to have made. Always exact like the original but from new material and alloys. Gear box complete, cog wheels, crankshaft or camshaft, hubs etc. etc.

This female engineer is “special” in her work. Give her a block of aluminium and she makes a hub for you.Her name is Anita Squirrell and she is always there, with her husband Mark Cook, with that beautiful complete self made CCM, with the camper and in the “PES” tent.(Performance Engineering Services Ltd).


t was really a pleasure for me to have had an interview with her. With full passion she talks about all the work she has to do before she can make the copy of an original part.

Together with Mark, they try to keep all classic bikes rolling with sometimes very rare and specific parts.





Jawohl liebe Sport Freunde
Das letzte Rennen im ECMO Lauf ist da. Ein neue Veranstalter und eine neue Strecke sorgen beide dafür das wir hoffen aber auch vertrauen das es in Bad Salzungen „Am Dammberg“ eine fantastische CEC Finale geben soll mit schöne und spannende Rennen und am Schluss die echte neue Europa Meister 2018.

Hello sport friends of the ECMO races.
The last race is coming soon on 16th June in Bad Salzungen (DE) on the “Am Dammberg” track.

The new organizer and the club “MSC Kali Bad” with their chairman Hans-Joachim Graul want to create a wonderful final of the individual European ECMO championship 2018.

If you have the possibility to go there, take some extra time to enjoy that beautiful province of Thüringen and her nice small cities.
To all classic riders I like to say: “After 2 fantastic races I really hope that you also will enjoy the last one and make this a perfect season”.

Come to Bad Salzungen on the 16th June, to celebrate our new European Champions.

See you there,


Mortimer Classic Motor Cycle Club at Benneth’s Hill


Than you are sure that John Dowse and Mark Bosher will show you how to organize a “Classic Cross”. Experience over many years also with ECMO. And if you have such an amazing weather that Saturday all ingredients are there for a brilliant race weekend. Also the Saturday of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and his Meghan, the duchess of Sussex. Nice that they choose our CEC-day for their wedding.

It has been a narrow escape because of all the rain the week before, but the track was really in perfect condition and that you find back in the lap times in the various groups. It went fast, very fast, with average speeds between 30 (72+) and 35 mph (30+).

The “youngsters” have a very close competition. Riders from Estonia, England, Belgium and the Czech Republic are almost from the same speed quality. Partington (EN), Riha (CZ) and Derome (BE) are struggling for every inch and they must feel also coming new riders like Lemaire (B), Vaare (EE), Korinek (CZ) and Rattink (NL) right behind them. But finally Wayne Partington was too strong on his “homeland” track.

In the biggest group, the 50+, there we see a neck-and-neck race between Aadu Sikk(EE) and Keith Best(EN). Normally one of them will become the new champion, but in mechanical sports always something unexpected can happen. And then 5 or 6 riders are ready to take over. We have Dronet(FR) Archer(EN), Schapendonk(NL), Nielsen(DK), Collins(EN) and Radley(IE) who are almost from the same level. Thrilling till the end I promise.

In the 60+ class it was a pity that Peter vd Nieuwenhof(NL) was not able to compete with another Peter, Peter Matthia(EN). Two qua style different riders but both are enormous fast. They cannot make any mistakes because 2 French riders and a Czech and a Dutchman lie in wait. Branda, Polsvoort, Fura and Martineaud are ready to take over the positions.

There is a French combination in the 66+ group that is nearly unbeatable. Roger Brelet and his beautiful BSA are going like a lightning. Behind him we have interesting battles between Dunford (EN), Dehan (FR), Polsvoort (NL), Larsen (DK), Mohr (CH) and Deer (EN). The changing of the positions are nice to look at. That means a sensational final CEC in Bad Salzungen (DE) on 16th of June.

Finally the 72+ group, guys with a lot of experience, not the most fasted group, but a clever racing group. You see it during the practice. Not directly full speed, but looking and reading the track and then setting a good time. The “oldies” from Spain to Finland and all countries in between know each other for so many years and have huge pleasure in racing. Oostra (BE) seems to battle till the last lap with Büttner (DE) for the championship. But also Krapek (CZ), Astorsson (SE), Gref (CZ) and Roelofs( NL) can still go for a place on the platform.

I promise you that on 16th June in Germany we will see many, many fair battles in every group for every place. I hope also to see you there and to enjoy this marvelous classic cross.




Hello friends,

In a few days we have our second CEC in Reading. 
The track with her beautiful slopes with grass and the technical part in the wood. 
It will surely give some thrilling races in that typical English atmosphere. 
I hope to see you all for the line-up, just like in Svendborg and wish you all, riders and spectators, a nice and sportive weekend.




The “Motorcykel Clubben Svendborg” has organized for ECMO a perfect 
CEC-1. Blessed by a blue sky and full sun, all the riders did enjoy this race and they were very happy with the special prepared track for the “classics”. All credits to the volunteers of MCS. The vice Mayor of Svendborg, said a warm welcome to all the international participants and wishes them good luck.

The races were exiting in a few classes. Battles between 2 and 4-strokes, in front and in the midfield. Nice for the spectators is that they can follow this all from the high walls who are surrounding the track. They saw in the 30+ group changing places at the front but finally Czech rider David Riha finished before Wayne Partington from England and Olivier Derome (BE).

In the 50+ Karel Mitvalsky from CZ, was really on form. Behind him, about 6 seconds Keith Best (EN) and Aadu Sikk (EE) were following just before Keith Rice (EN) and John Smeyers (BE). The last two fought for each centimeter.

Although we know that Peter vd Nieuwenhof (NL) is very fast, this day he had a real opponent in Peter Matthia (EN). But the Englishman had some technical problems and could not fight till the end. A new French rider Alain Fura, he was on his BSA a bit faster than Janda (CZ) and Jarvinen (FL). A pity for Lars Attesjo who felt and injured his ankle.

Vive la France! A beautiful BSA, a top fit Roger Brelet and you have a fast combination in the 66+ group. Although the local favourite Cai Larssen and the Italian CZ-rider Renzo de Santis tried to push, Roger was taking more and more distance. Another French rider Pierre Dehan, second place in the first manche, had an engine problem in the second and could not play an important part over all. 

And then our “youngsters”. The new classification of the 72+ instead of the former 70+ group brings more balance in the groups as well in number of riders as well in the physical equality. This group is that equal that there are in potency 7 or 8 favourites for the victory. Finally Wolfgang Buttner (DE) was the winner, but Hans Astorsson (SE) and Oost Oostra (BE), Bent Preus (DK) and Jindrich Gref and Antonin Krapek (both CZ) are waiting for there chance.

This beautiful start of the new season disserves a nice follow up in two weeks in Reading (EN). We know the organizer, specialized in classic, and hope for them also a good weather weekend.

Hope to see you all in England on the 19th of May.



05-05-2018   Svendborg  ECMO CEC-1

Coming soon, our first ECMO race in Denmark.

A warm welcome to everybody in this new “Classic”
season. We hope you will enjoy it as a rider or as a spectator, the whole year. 

See you in SVENDBORG!


Bald ist es soweit, unser erste Rennen in Dänemark.

Herzlich willkommen für alle in dieser neue „Classic“
Wir hoffen das ihr dies genießt, das ganze Jahr, als Fahrer oder Zuschauer. 

Wir treffen uns in SVENDBORG!





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