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Dear Sport Friends,

For the second year in a row we had to decide to cancel the CMCdN in Culitzsch Germany on 11th September. With pain in the heart, but we must be realistic, knowing that reason must prevail over sentiment. At this moment there are too much uncertainties for the near future, due to the virus. Restrictions, travel problems, vaccinations yes or no, tests, new outbreaks etc. etc. And although the MC Culitzsch wanted so badly to organize a big event for all the riders from the various countries, we together decided not to continue, also from an organizational point of view for the club. Because only a few number of countries with also few teams have been registered. And it is too risky to bet it will work at the end.

Public health comes before sport, no matter how bad or sad it is. Spreading a virus variant does not belong to the ECMO activities.

The Board of ECMO has agreed in principle with the organizers of the 2021 races, Offenbach, Jinin, Ramonchamp and Culitzsch, to move the entire 2021 program to 2022, in the hope that we then will be released and liberated from Covid-19 and all its variants. The planned CMCdN in Northern Ireland in 2022, will be postponed to 2023 (Thanks John). The exact dates of the CEC's and CMCdN next year (2022) you will find on this site.

We wish you all a nice summer, but stay alert!!! And if you are still on holiday, have a great time and come back home safe and sound!!

On behalf of the Board, Alberto

Keep visiting the ECMO site from time to time, then you will kept informed of all kinds of things and also you can find some collages of pictures from the past.


**Dear Friends,**

The liberation has begun. Too early?? I don't know. The vaccinations are moving quickly in the right direction, but don't we want too much too soon? Holidays?? Festivals?? At this very moment, (11/7) the number of infections, with the "Delta" variant,  is exploding in several places. And because we have a completely dis-harmonious policy in Europe regarding travel within Europe in this corona time, it is for us as ECMO in consultation with MC Culitzsch, very difficult to decide whether or not to have the CMCdN. Each country has his own restrictions and rules, regarding vaccinations, tests and quarantine.

*We follow the developments very closely and keep you informed. But it is important for you to check for yourself how the travel facilities are concerning your trip to Germany and going back again. Of course you want to be sure that you can travel both to Culitzsch and back home without any problems".*

Some countries have decided not to send teams. That is a pity on the one hand, but also very understandable on the other, because of the many uncertainties. But let us try to be positive!! The MC Culitzsch is positive and is allowed to organize the CMCdN, until now, giving the situation surrounding the virus. All rules are OK. And they are looking forward to welcome you all and organize the races with enthusiasm.

Future negative developments, outside our sphere of influence, can of course still ruin the event. That would be very pity. But keep thinking positive and stay safe!!!!

**Have a nice summer and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Board of ECMO**




We hope that you are all well and remain careful.

Once again, like last year, we must send a sad message. We have been overtaken by reality, and so we have to cancel, in close consultation with both clubs, the CEC's 2021 in Jinin (CZ) and Offenbach (DE). 
Ramonchamp (FR) had been cancelled some time ago.

This is of course very sad for you as a rider. We haven't seen and spoken to each other for so long But it is also very unfortunate for the clubs/organizers, who would have liked to organize something beautiful for us all. Planning, sponsoring, emergency services, marshals etc. etc., all is back to square one. We really hope that these organizers, with their beautiful tracks, will still organize for ECMO in the future. At this moment we can only say, thank you for your willingness, commitment and effort. It is a sad story so far, but we really hope that in September the sun will shine again over the Classic Cross and that we can really have our CMCdN in Culitzsch (DE).

Board of ECMO



Hello everyone,

“As already reported on March 8, a new website is being worked on. To log in on the “NEW” site you have to go, from now on, to:

A small difference from  .org  to  .eu  but very important. 
Enter this new address quickly on your computer and/or other communication equipment. Very soon all our communication, messages, news, results, pictures etc. will only be on the new site:

The “old” site will remain open for the time being, but will go off line in the future.

Please take note of this.

Board of ECMO


    ECMO Update 2021

Written by: Emma Partington |  March 08, 2021 | 

Hello everyone, we hope you are all doing well.

We are still all living in strange times but we are still hoping for our 2021 calendar.

The provisional calendar is; CEC-1 Jini (CZ) - May 22 CEC-2 Ramonchamp (FR) - June 26 CEC-3 Offenbach (DE) - July 24

We of course are still thinking about if is possible for organizers and riders to be able to compete in the CEC 2021, we must think about ensuring everyone is able to travel between all countries and be able to return! We have sent a mail to all of the ECMO representatives asking for their views.

We also have the CMCdN in Culitzsch, Germany, September 18! We hope that we will be able to all be together at this special event.

We have been working on this new website for ECMO. We hope that you find it ok. We are still adding to it to make it even better! We also have new facebook, twitter and instagram pages.

Yours in sport, Board of ECMO



Dear Sport Friends,

Hopefully you will survive these strange, unique and risky times well, both physically and mentally. It is unbelievable that the virus is still serious among us and that it is constantly mutating. There are vaccines now, but we are occasionally surprised by a variant of the existing virus. But the vaccination is not going that fast as we want to. There are simply too few vaccines in some countries. But still our human behaviour still appears to be one of the main causes of the revival of the virus and also its spread. That is why it is necessary to obey the rules properly. Little visits, keep your distance and if not really necessary, don’t travel.

     That is our main problem, travelling. If we want to organize with the fantastic clubs in Europe, we are coming from all over Europe to that one spot. And we see at this moment in the various countries a lot of measurements trying to stop the pandemic. Visit restrictions, flight bans, lockdowns for shops and restaurants, travel bans between countries, some with a quarantine period, curfews with different time blocs etc. etc.

That makes it very difficult to plan our CEC races. We have a calendar, provisional and subject to change. Let it be the dot on the horizon while we still are stuck down in this pandemic. We are so desperate for a relaxation.

But let us stay optimistic and look for the light at the end of the tunnel and let us plunge into that light of a new liberated time! Let it come as soon as possible to refresh our soul and mind. I hope that we will meet soon somewhere in Europe to enjoy our Classic Motorsport.

Will it be in Offenbach, Jinin or Ramonchamp, no matter which one first. Important is that we meet each other again, safe and sound. 

As soon as more becomes clear about the possibilities for the organizers, you will be informed directly via our site under NEWS.


Dear friends, we need to have some more patience, but ……….

Let us hope and pray that the virus will be defeated quickly and thoroughly and that we can LIVE again.

We wish you all the best and stay safe!!!!

Board of ECMO,




Dear Sport Friends,

Hopefully, all of you are doing well and you are healthy, despite the fact that this Covid-19 pandemic is starting to take the shape of a marathon, with occasional nasty sprints. Everything is still uncertain for the coming months, with a “lock down” in many European countries at this moment, a few vaccines that are soon ready to use and will turn our live in the positive direction. But very important for the solution of this pandemic depends on our own personal behavior. We must obey the rules!!!!!!

Dear friends, let us be optimistic and look forward to the near future, to 2021, and let us delete this terrible (sport) year quickly and remove from our memory! Let us see 2021 as a kind of a start of a new era. Let it become a great year for everyone and specially for all sports, including our “exclusive” Classic Motorsport!!

We do not know what this next year will bring. What possibilities there are for motor cross. What governmental rules will come in the post Covid-19 period? Especially for organizers. Can we travel free through Europe? What will Brexit bring especially for our Classic Friends from the UK? We can try to plan, but if we do not have the virus under control, everything is uncertain. We must wait and hope for the best. But sitting still and waiting is pointless. That is why the Board has already made, in consultation and co-operation with some clubs, a provisional calendar for next season. A nicely balanced calendar which is nicely spread in time and places. Many riders did ask for a monthly CEC and on the free weekends and it worked.

Some clubs wanted their postponed race from 2020, and two others gave it back. We are happy that Northern Ireland their CMCdN (planned for 2021) has postponed their race in Ballsallagh to 2022. A very sportive gesture. That means that the CMCdN 2021 will be in Cullitzsch (DE), like this year, on 18th September 2021. The CEC races are planned: CEC-1-Offenbach, CEC-2-Jinin and CEC-3-Ramonchamp. (See calendar site).

Dear friends let us hope to start again in April and meet and greet each other safe and sound. BE CAREFUL BECAUSE THE VIRUS, AND YET ALSO A MUTATION, IS STILL AROUND!!!! STAY SAFE!!!!!!

The Board of ECMO wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

On behalf of the Board,



1931 2020


Ivo was one of the founders of what we now know as the Motocross des Nations. He was, together with Miloslav Soucek, Yves Champion and some others, the one who organized and coordinated the first international team cross for countries in 1993 in Stribro. That was the start of a growing interest in more and more countries for the classic cross.

Ivo was also the initiator to wear a uniform outfit per country and he sponsored the first shirts for the Dutch teams. In fact that was, more or less, the start that laid for what is now the ECMO. Together with his friend Rudy Boom, he attended many classic races, also the ECMO races. Seeing that and talking about how it started, he felt proud. There he met also some old fellows from the early years of the Nations Cup.

A tall and striking personality, friendly and controlled, with his characteristic grey goatee, is no more among us.

May he rest in peace







First of all, I hope, also on behalf of the Board, that you are all in good health, and free from the Covid-19 problems. I could not have imagined that when we canceled the entire ECMO season in May, that there would be a second wave of this serious magnitude. Every day the rules are getting stricter in various countries, with locks-down again in many places.

Fortunately there are prospects for one or more vaccines in the not too far future. But that means that we still have to be very careful. The relaxation in the summer did not bode well, because there was no discipline.

There have been some local or national classic cross, but nowhere a complete program. And of course there will be an “After Covid-19” –time. But when? And what will it be like then? Back to “Normal” like before the pandemic? Nobody knows, but I think it will be a little bit different.

But also in another “After Covid-19”- time there will be room for Classic Motocross with again beautiful ECMO races between classic friends from all over Europe. I am sure of that even in this uncertain times. There is for sure a light at the end of this dangerous tunnel.

I hope, and with me the board of ECMO, that you will have the patience to wait for the light to go green next year 2021. I am confident that things will turn out well and I am hope to share this optimism with all of you. And if we are aware of measures that are needed now and live by them, then we should succeed!

There is still a lot of uncertainty for clubs. Is it possible to organize next year? Their planning is therefore with reservations.

As soon as there is more clarity for the next year regarding events, races, competitions, travelling etc., we will inform you in time about places and dates. And if the light turns into green, we promise you to make a beautiful calendar for you next season.

Let us stay optimistic and above all healthy! So take good care of yourself and all your beloved ones and stick to the corona rules!!!

Then we will see each other again next year, safe and sound.

Alberto, (on behalf of the Board)


S U M M E R   U P D A T E   C O R O N A   V I R U S 


August 2020

Dear sports friends,

We hope that you all are doing well.

We just want to give a sign of life to break through the “Sound of Silence” of Covid-19. This Corona crisis, which has lasted for 8 months, has shaken the world up and pointed out many shortcomings.

It has been a terrible year for thousands of families, direct or indirect affected by the virus and have lost lots of beloved ones. And we still do not have the right vaccine to stop this pandemic, especially now that a second wave is imminent and the number of infections are increasing significantly.

It is a disaster in many ways, human drama, social interaction and also the economic consequences.are huge. We probably cannot handle some more freedom in the rules. THE VIRUS IS STILL THERE AND STILL ACTIVE!!!!

We are happy however that we have decided early to cancel the ECMO races. An Ad Hoc decision on whether or not to hold a race, would not be good to ECMO’s reputation and name as a reliable and loyal partner at events. In consultation with the clubs we took these decisions.

We see that even with TOP sports, as football, tennis, F-1, base ball etc. which had to start at all costs, there are a lot of infections, despite all the extensive precautions. As lang as there is no right vaccine on the market, it remains very risky to organize events when you don’t have really everything under control! We will decide on the 2021 calendar, depending also on the development of the fight against the virus, at a later stage this year.

And of course it is very easy to say after 8 months: “Have some more patience and stick to the rules!” but the patience is running out, especially with the minus 50-group. Going out, having holidays abroad, social distancing, they are going back to “normal” as before the crisis. Think about a sudden lock down when you are in some European country, travelling problems or a quarantine obligation. Be firm and abide by the rules of the health organization experts, then we have the greatest chance  to meet each other next season 2021, healthy and fit. And hopefully in the spring when there will be a good vaccine soon!!

In the meantime, we wish you all and your families a lot of health and happiness and a nice summer.

In ECMO’s now 20 year history, 2020 will go down as a lost Corona year. Unique but sad.

Being sensible and having some patience now, perhaps means more “Joie de Vivre” in the near future

On behalf of the Board of ECMO



August 2020

Liebe Sportfreunde,

Wir hoffen das es euch Alle gut geht.

Wir wollen nur ein Lebenszeichen geben, um den “Sound of Silence” von Covid-19 zu durchbrechen. Diese Corona Krise die bereits jetzt 8 Monate andauert, hat die Welt erschüttert und auf viele Mängel hingewiesen.

Es war ein schreckliches Jahr für tausende von Familien, die direkt oder indirekt vom Virus betroffen sind und vielleicht auch viele geliebte Familien verloren haben. Und wir haben noch immer kein Impfstoff um diese Pandemie zu stoppen, besonders weil jetzt wieder eine neue Welle bevorsteht.

Es ist in vielerlei Hinsicht eine Katastrophe, mensliches Drama, soziale Interaktion und auch die wirtschaftliche Folgen die enorm sind.Wir bemerken jetzt schon das weil alles etwas lockerer ist, und man mehr Freiheit nimmt das es gleichzeitig eien grosse Zunahme von Infektionen gibt.


Wir freuen uns jedoch das wir uns, in Absprache mit den Veranstalter, frühzeitig entschlossen haben die ECMO Rennen abzusagen.Eine Ad Hoc Entscheidung darüber ob ein Rennen organisiert werden soll oder nicht, würde dem Ruf und dem Nahmen von ECMO als zuverlässiger Partner bei Veranstaltungen nicht gut tun.

Wir sehen jetzt das sogar bei TOP Sport Veranstaltungen, z.B. Tennis, Fussball, Formel-1, Basketball, Radfahren usw., die um jeden Preis starten mussten, sogar ohne Publikum, das auch da trotz aller umfangreichen Vorsichtsmassnahmen überal auch Infektionen auftreten. So lange es kein richtigen Impfstoff gibt, bleibt es sehr riskant um grosse Veranstaltungen zu organisieren. Man sollte erst alles und ich meine Alles unter Kontrolle haben.

Wir werden, abhängig von der Entwicklung des Kampfes gegen das Virus, zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt in diesem Jahr über den Kalender 2021 entscheiden.

Und es ist einfach zu sagen: “Hab noch etwas Geduld und halte dich an die Regeln” Aber die Geduld geht zur Neige, besonders beim minus 50-Gruppe. Spass haben, in Urlaub ins Ausland, keine Distanz betrachten, vielen denken schon an die Zeit bevor die Corona Krise. Resutat: Riesen Wachstum der Anzahl der Infektionen. Sei vernünftg und folge die Regeln der Experten. Denn so haben wir eine Chance um im nächsten Saison 2021 einander gesund und fit irgendwo zu treffen. Hoffentlich im Frühjahr, wenn es bald ein Impfstoff geben soll.

In der nunmehr 20-jährigen Geschichte von ECMO wird 2020 als ein verlorenes Corona-Jahr in die Geschichte eingehen. Einzigartig aber traurig. In der Zwischenzeit wünschen wir Ihnen und ihre Familien viel Gesundheit und Glückund eine schöne Sommer. Bleibe vernünftig und passen sie auf sich auf!!!!! Jetzt vernünftig sein und etwas Geduld zu haben, bedeutet veilleicht in näher Zukunft mehr “Joie de Vivre”

Im Nahmen des Vorstands der ECMO



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