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A new year has begun. And everyone has his/her wishes and desires.

The board of ECMO hopes that you all have a beautiful and heathy 2020 ahead and that your wishes will be fulfilled. As ECMO we hope for a wonderful and sporty season.

I am delighted to announce that ECMO can welcome a new country as a member: Slovakia is joining the classic motorsport family. A warm welcome to them on behalf of all of us and a lot of fun and sporting pleasure in the future.

Hope to see you all on first of May in Belgium (Molenbeersel) for the first CEC!

Kind regards, also on behalf of my fellow board members,



Namens ECMO van harte gefeliciteerd en nog veel gelukkige jaren 


Beautiful ECMO season ends with a damper

What should have been a big party in Marum, as a closing piece of the season, 
ended in sadness about the death of our German cross friend Rainer Dierolf. 
After his race late in the afternoon, he died. He will remain in our memory.

Nevertheless, under beautiful weather conditions and on a fantastic track, we have been able to enjoy exciting competitions, 
between the teams, where continuing to the limit sometimes yielded just those points to score. 
MC Marum had his tasks well organized and deserves praise. 
Except for a few minor things that were fortunately restored, everything went well.
The whole atmosphere was good and at the Ladies Hour on Friday the ladies were surprised by a purely Dutch scene, 
organizers dressed in traditional costumes and a barrel organ created a fantastic atmosphere.
The souvenir clogs were also greatly appreciated, as were the drinks and the snacks.

The races on Saturday, were opened by the chairman for sport affairs in the municipality of Westerkwartier, Mrs. Pastoor. She was proud to do this and was excited about the great number of riders from 13 European countries and their ages. The races, without severe accidents, were beautiful and exciting in the various groups.

In the 30+ class Toman Radek (CZ) came from another planet. Fast and easy riding he got 2 first places. But the English riders, Winder, Rice and Hinchliffe and Partington, were riding compact in the front and that one DNF of David Riha as enough to let England win this battle with Czech Republic on second and Belgium on third place and close behind on fourth place the Netherlands

In the 50+ class there is also a rider of exceptional class, as if it’s going, so simple, Jan Blancquaert (BE). But here also, the rest of his team except Chris Smeyers, lost too much places. And again, as in 30+, the compact riding English pilots Best, Archer, Cox and Womack were the winning team. Belgium second and the Danish in third, with Nielsen, Vad, Johansson and Andreasen just a few points before the Czechs in 4th position.

In the 60+ class it was very exciting. Dutch rider Van den Nieuwenhof was successful in both manches, but right behind him Pentilla and Lahthi from Finland were really on the push. The Dutch riders Kroon and Vernet were riding good but Polsvoort had bad luck in the first manche with engine damage. Finally, after correcting with the scratch results they finished equal. But in the second manche the Finnish, also with the riders Uro and Jarvinen scored 4 points better than the Dutch and now are European Champion. Netherlands second and on third place the Swedish team with Karlsson, Carlsson and two times Envall.

The 66+ riders Stodulka, Hanacek, Kozak and Bezdicek with 6 top 10 results and one 12 place, are the new champions, before a good riding Dutch team with Arkema, Homan, Van de Brom and Van Venrooij. Fast racing Walter Senn and Rudolf Kunzler were not able to get that second place. With Frei and Mohr they took place 3. Feeling the hot breath of Sweden in their neck.

In the 72+ it was a piece of cake for the Swedish team, Bernardson, Astorson, Elmgren and Gustavsson. Far behind them came the rest with the Danish team, Bak Skovsen, Pedersen, Jorgenssen and Preuss steady riding for place 2 and they could keep the Dutch team with Jan Keizer, finally back on his Triumph, Ties Franssen, strong race, Hans Polsvoort and Piet van Dijk behind them on place 3.

After all we must take the conclusion that classic moto cross lives like never before, with 208 riders from 13 different countries. No serious accidents due to the respect one has for each other and the pleasure in sport.

The board of ECMO wants to thank the organizers in Europe enormously for the good cooperation and all the work they did, so that this beautiful classic moto cross can still be ridden. Hopefully we see each other also next year, with CEC races in Belgium (Molenbeersel), England (Reading) and Czech Republik (Jinin) and the CMCdN in Germany (Culitzsch).







Until 1999, classic competitions were held in which various European countries participated, but it was not yet an organization.


To  raise the level of classic motocross nationally and internationally, in 1999, at the initiative of some Dutchmen of Dutch Pre 70 from The Netherlands contact was sought with other countries where classic motocross was also practiced. 


As a result, the ECMO was established.

European Classic Motocross Organization
was established in January 1999


 "The member countries all cherish the same goal:
 Trying to keep the motorbikes as original as possible 
and ride them the way as in the original time."
(Art. 1 ECMO Rules)

It must be an exclusive event."

0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0

                                     More information about:
                                     a CMCdN country teams with results over the years
                                     a CEC Classic European Championship




I N   M E M O R I A M

* 14-12-1958     RAINER  DIEROLF     † 21-09-2019


Die Nachricht von Rainers Tod, im Fahrer Lager nach dem Rennen, hat uns Alle sehr betrübt.

Der Vorstand vom ECMO spricht zu seinem Tod, ihre herzliche Anteilnahme aus.

Wir wünschen seine Frau, Familie und seine viele klassischen Motorcross Freunde Kraft und Stärke in diesen für Sie schweren Zeit.

We were shocked by the sudden death of our German classic rider in the paddock after the race. 
The board of ECMO wishes his wife, family and all his friends, strength to bear this loss.

May he rest in peace.

Alberto Langenberg  (Chairman of ECMO)






Over 50 teams out of 13 countries in Europe take part in the Classic Moto Cross des Nations 2019 on 21 th September in Marum NL.

Come and see what this old technic from the 50’s and 60’s from the last century can bring to exiting competition and nice sport.

Fighting for the honor of their country, over 200 riders will start on Matchless, Eso, CZ, Husqvarna, Bultaco, Triumph, BSA etc. etc. to have a fantastic classic race day.

If you love the wonderful old technic, you have to come to Marum and look around in the paddock and riders will give you an explanation of their bikes.

Visit on 20th and 21th September Marum and enjoy also the very nice surrounding.

Hope to see you - Alberto



Dear sport friends, in this special year we hope that the CMCdN in Marum will bring a lot of fantastic classic motorsport. The organizer has promised to make something great out of this event. And knowing the club I am sure it will be something beautiful. I am already looking forward to the presentation of the teams in their outfit and listening to the national anthems. The impressive atmosphere and the ECMO friendliness. I, all of us, hope for many teams from the various countries. I wish the team captains a lot of wisdom in putting it together.

S E E  Y O U  I N  M A R U M.

On 21th September or earlier,

Sporting regards, Alberto




New ECMO champions 2019 are known
An exciting apotheosis at the end of the season

The adjusted CEC series for the European championship was particularly successful, but the differences were very small. There really had to be a fight for every point, but with honesty and respect for the opponent. At the top it was almost a photo finish, only 1 or 2 points made the difference over the 6 manches. Magnificent! This is how this fascinating CEC series in Netolice ended.

ECMO expresses its great appreciation to the organizers in Ramonchamp (FR) and Netolice (CZ). They have again proven how the classic cross can provide great motorsport and also attract more and more visitors. The adjusted program, after the unfortunate outages due to bad weather in Casal Monferrato (IT), worked out well and made everyone happy.

Now we are looking forward to the last ECMO event in Marum (NL), the CMCdN (Classic Moto Cross des Nations).

This grandiose happening will take place on 21 September, so book this date in advance, you will not regret it. Take some days off, beautiful! 

We ‘ll meet again in September.





06-07-2019     CEC-3     NETOLICE CZ

In a few days we all hope to enjoy the CEC-3 in Netolice CZ.

We can expect good and fair races under beautiful conditions.

If you are not participating in the race, try to go to Netolice in South Bohemia. A really fantastic part of the Czech Republic. There is so much to discover there qua nature but also in terms of history. Consider Queen with the ”Bohemian Rapsody”, or the world famous “Budweiser Beer” that originally comes from here and now one of the best beers in USA.

Look for tourist information on internet or at the links I put in the former announcement about CEC-3.

I really hope to meet a lot of Classic Moto Cross friends in Netolice and to have good races and a good atmosphereon the track and in the paddock.

Let this last race for the 2019 CEC season be an unforgettable one.

Your sport friend Alberto



CEC-3    CEC-3    CEC-3    CEC-3

Dear sportfreinds, in 3 weeks, on Saturday 6th of July, we have the final race for the European Championship.

We are a guest at MSK Netolice in South Bohemia. A very beautiful part of the Czech Republik and worth seeing it for a few days. There are also some special and interesting places and cases to visit. (see the links at the end, castles, famous brewery etc)

This CEC has the same exceptional time table as during CEC-2 in Ramonchamp. The board of the Moto Club Ramoncenais was so enthousiastic about the ECMO event, that they decided to participate in Netolice.

C’est beau n’est pas?!!

With this new exceptional system with 3 manches per day, there is a lot possible in the different classes.during this final event.

In the 72+ class Werner Mohr has good papers for the victory, but there are 4 riders, Bernardsson and Astorsson, (both SE) and Dandoy (BE) and Büttner (DE) who have to fight for a plce on the stage and even place one is still possible, because of 3 results. Nice!!!!

Roger Brelet , at this moment the reigning champion and the leader now in 66+, has all possibillities, but behind him, closer as ever there is a battle between Josefsson (SE), Senn (CH), Homan (NL) and 2 Czech
riders, Hanacek and Kozak.  And we all know that the Czechs are always strong in there home land.

The 60+ class seems to be a battle between 3 P’s.Peter Matthia, Peter van den Nieuwenhof and Patrice Thioux (EN, NL, BE). But don’t forget Fiorello Sberze (IT), he sneakily approaches the top.

The top of the 50+ class is probably a fight between 2 countries, Belgium and Czech Republik.Blancquaert and Smeyers, against Dokoupil and Kavsky. Seems that Blancquaert has the best papers for it.

The most close battle for the championship is perhaps the race in 30+ class. Riha (CZ) and Solda (IT) are that close and from an outstanding level, also a nice battle between a 2 stroke CZ and a beautiful 4 stroke CCM.

ut don’t forget all the fair battles in the midfield in different classes. Every competitor is fighting for his best position and that brings joy and friendship.

We know that it will be a perfect organized event and hope for a bit of good weather.

So try to have an unforgettable trip to our last CEC race.

Hopefully do we see each other in Netolice

Board of the ECMO


May be very interesting for you:    Budvar         Cesky Krumlov        Hluboká nad Vltavou










M o t o c l u b   R a m o n c e n a i s

Inviting so many guests to your 50th birthday and treat them so well . . . . CHAPEAU!!!!!!!

That one word formidable covers the weekend in Ramonchamp with the CEC2. A wonderful more or less special track, with a very good equipped team of club members and volunteers. The track was very good prepared and all riders enjoyed the races, however 3 races a day was something new. Because of the sad cancellation in Casale, we made a small move in our daily program to try to create in the other two CEC races 6 manches for the championship points. This improvisation for that day have worked out perfect and everybody was satisfied. So this Exceptional Time Table can work in an emergency situation in the future.

The beautiful weather in the Vosges was the icing on the cake. Monsieur Champenois, president of the club and monsieur Grandclaude and all the others did really make it an unforgettable CEC-2. Even the mayor of Ramonchamp was proud about the job done by all club members and also people out of the community of Ramonchamp. 

The races were all exciting and struggling for positions gave beautiful motocross. Specially the narrow chicane after the start should give problems, . . . why? Sensible classic cross riders simply solve this! (for results and pictures see the ECMO site)

The final closing in the tent was fantastic, perfect local wines, the dinner with delicious local products and a desert . . .  . Wonderful. The atmosphere was exuberant partly due to cozy accordion music. A little dance, community singing . . . . 

Martial Antoine can be mentioned as a thousand legs of the club. Preparing all days before the race, riding himself in 50+ and making music in the evening with his accordion, CHAPEAU!!!!!

It remains for me to thank everyone for all the work to make this beautiful and good CEC a success. I hope to see you all healthy and well in Netolice in July.

Board of ECMO







Don't forget: 25 May !!!

Nicht vergessen!

N'oublie pas!

Non dimenticare!


Glem ikke

Glöm inte

I hope to see you all for the "Challence Classic Europeen" in Ramonchamp. 
Have a good trip









Bonjour chers amis de la Moto Cross Anciennes.
Soyez les bienvenus
dans Ramonchamp en France!


I sincerely hope that this event can simply be organized under normal weather conditions, good for the sport, the organizer, for you and me.

In Ramonchamp where nearby the river Moselle Originates, in the beautiful Vosges. 


The interest for the race is fantastic and all the groups are full. So that means if you, registered and confirmed, for what reason cannot go to Ramonchamp, give a sign and your cross friend will be happy because he, as reserve, can start now.

Have a good trip and we will meet each other for this CEC in 2 weeks.





Hello Classic ECMO riders,

Once again there is great interest in the ECMO races, thanks to good organizers, good circuits for the classic and a fantastic atmosphere.
For various reasons, the organizers are sometimes bound by rules, which means that a maximum number of drivers are allowed to start in a race. This differs per circuit.

We, as ECMO, have to respect this, although sometimes riders will fall out as a result. We of course regret this very much, but it is a fact.

Therefore an urgent request to you as a driver. If you have registered for a race and you have received your confirmation, then also go to that race. If, for whatever reason, you are still unable to go, report this as soon as possible so that a "reserve" rider can participate in your place.

Staying away without a message is very non-collegial to your fellow driver and will lead to a penalty. You can then be placed on the reserve list for next races which are full!!
Be sporty and report your absence in time !!
Let us again ensure beautiful races in the coming season.

Kind regards 

Board of the ECMO



After the sad failure of CEC-1 in Casale, the ECMO Board has decided to make a small adjustment to the Regular Time Table.

In this case 3 manches/races per day are planned. This Exceptional Time Table counts for both CEC-2 and CEC-3.

Out of 6 results, the best 5 count. This small change in the Time Table makes it possible to have a more balanced championship.

It is an Exceptional Time Table (see below) and not for a Regular Season.

Board of ECMO






Enrolment/ Technical inspection


Training / Time Training 30+

25 Min (15 min Training / 10 Min Time Training)


Training / Time Training 72+

25 Min (15 min Training / 10 Min Time Training)


Training / Time Training 66+

25 Min (15 min Training / 10 Min Time Training)


Training / Time Training 60+

25 Min (15 min Training / 10 Min Time Training)


Training / Time Training 50+

25 Min (15 min Training / 10 Min Time Training)

                                     Start Indication by a board


Meeting of the Jury / Pause

Round 1


First leg 30+

20 Min + 1 Lap


First leg 72+

15 Min + 1 Lap


First leg 66+

15 Min + 1 Lap


First leg 60+

15 Min + 1 Lap


First leg 50+

20 Min + 1 Lap

Round 2


Second leg 30+

20 Min + 1 Lap


Second leg 72+

15 Min + 1 Lap


Second leg 66+

15 Min + 1 Lap


Second leg 60+

15 Min + 1 Lap


Second leg 50+

20 Min + 1 Lap



Round 3


Third leg 30+

20 Min + 1 Lap


Third leg 72+

15 Min + 1 Lap


Third leg 66+

15 Min + 1 Lap


Third leg 60+

15 Min + 1 Lap


Third leg 50+

20 Min + 1 Lap


Meeting of the jury


Price giving winner of the day


Champions Ceremony

After the third race.



Force Majeure


It is hard to make a decision that makes everyone happy.
Also the decision to cancel the CEC-1 in Casale Monferrato.

After prolonged rainfall, the paddock was virtually inaccessible on Thursday afternoon 25th of April and also the track was in a very muddy bad condition and  the forecast for Friday said some more rain. No cars could go into the paddock at that moment. Normally there should come about 180 cars, vans, campers etc. within 24 hours. They now were waiting outside. So in order to prevent that riders from all parts of Europe, some distances over 2500 km, should come for free to Casale, the very difficult decision was taken. After hours of consultation, the interested parties decided at 03.00 PM to cancel the CEC. 
Some riders had already turned home. At that time it was perhaps possible to warn a lot of riders by representatives of countries and other cross friends about the decision. They appreciated that very much. But it remains very sad, specially for the club that has put a lot of energy and time into this CEC. Thank you for that. Hopefully was this the first and the last cancellation of an ECMO race.

Kindly yours
Board of ECMO


ATTENTION                            ATTENTION

The CEC-1 competition on
Saturday, 27-04-2019 
Casale Monferrato in Italy


due the weather conditions

 They have had a lot of rain and there is more rain to come and the parking is impossible and the track is also not good







Hello friends our first race is coming. We have a nice full program. The ECMO CEC-races are very success full and bring a lot of participants with their beautiful bikes together. Hopefully we see each other in Italy, where we were also in 2007. If you are participating, be sure you come otherwise give a sign. And if you want to enjoy the sport, you are welcome too and taste the great atmosphere.


See you there my friends
………………………. ALBERTO




Hopefully we all start to wake up slowly from the hibernation. 
Because within 2 months the CEC series starts in Casale in Italy. 
We wish all classic riders a sporty, beautiful and safe cross season. 
The following races, in Ramonchamp (FR) and Netolice (CZ) also promised to become wonderful events. 
As final race this year we have the CMCdN in Marum (NL). 
And this race must be, according to the ideas of the organizer, a worthy end of the season.

Looking forward to see you all.

Board of ECMO-Alberto



We came to know about the European Classic Motocross event to be held in Casale Monferrato the last weekend of April.
As usual we reserve promotional rates at our Motoclub.
With the present I enclose an invitation to propose us, to the participants.
Hoping to have made you a pleasant thing, I remain at your disposal for any questions.

Click for the invitation



Harald Mühlig, representative of Germany has send the information below.

Hallo Freunde,

Hier einige Infos Für Euch.

Traditionsclubs (drei ehemalige WM Veranstalter) organisieren Classic Moto Cross!

NEU! 3 Internationale Classic Moto Cross 2019

Classic        Twinshock       EVO

15.06. 2019         MSV Schwanenstadt Österreich 

                              Info: www.MSV-Schwanenstadt.AT - NEWS

 07.09 2019         Holice  CZ

                              Info: www.cmxhk.CZ - oder Michal Griger -

14.09.2019          MSC Fürstlich Drehna




2019 E C M O 2019


Casale Monferrato
Czech Republic

Dear Sportfriends,

As you can see on our calendar for 2019, the delegates at the AGM, have decided for the 3 CEC races to go to Italy, France and the Czech Republic. The CMCdN for 2019 is in The Netherlands as you already know, in Marum. For 2020 the CMCdN will be organized in Germany.

In Casale Monferrato, CEC-1, we have already been a long time ago, in 2007. Nice to return in this beautiful city in Piedmont with her very nice Piazza Mazzini. The second CEC we have in France, where we were for the last time in 2013. The city of Ramonchamp in the Vosges is our hostess. Near the city, situated in a beautiful valley, is the source of the river Moselle. For CEC-3 we go to Netolice in South Bohemia (CZ). The city with the fantastic beautiful white castle, Hluboka nad Vladvou. And as you have read above, the CMCdN is in Marum (NL). 

The Board of ECMO and the Representatives of the countries think that 2019 can be a nice year for the “classics” with these 4 chosen events. 


For ECMO two things are very important, safety and pleasure. Safety for the riders but also for the spectators and fun in riding “classic” races and meeting friends from all parts of Europe. We do not like injuries and try to avoid them as much as possible in close cooperation with the organizing clubs.

So it can happen that, bound to local government regulations and insurance regulations, a club is bound to a maximum number of riders in a race. This will increasingly be the case for safety in the future. And ECMO fully supports this development that can make our wonderful sport even more safe and beautiful. So there is a maximum of 40 riders at the start of each race in Casale Monferrato (CEC-1) and Netolice (CEC-3) and a maximum of 37 riders in Ramonchamp (CEC-2).

The riders who go for the competition over 3 CEC’s, have priority at the enrolment. Once the maximum is reached in a class, the enrolment will be stopped!! An accepted rider receives a confirmation with his number and he has to show this to the secretary of the club at the enrolment. The lists of riders will be placed on the ECMO site in time for the races. So it is impossible to enrol on the day of the race in a full class!! In case of a doubt, the ECMO board decides, whether or not in consultation with the country representative.

We wish you all a nice new season 2019.

Board of ECMO



2018 – ECMO – 2018



A wonderful season had a briljant final in Pacov with the Classic Moto Cross des Nations. Blessed with beautiful weather all races could be organized. And CHAPEAU for the organizers and their staff. Everything was well prepared and so there was a nice atmosphere during all races. Thanks on behalf of the riders and spectators and ECMO. Through this good organized races and the friendly atmosphere the popularity of the classic motocross is still growing. Nice to see that.

Than the CMCdN in Pacov an overwhelming success.

The AMK Pacov received 218 riders from 16 European countries, a new record. Never before we had that number of participants. And all was perfect under control.

All ingredients for a nice championship were present. And the well dressed teams fought for each point. And so the thousands of spectators could enjoy amazingly and exiting classic motorsport on those beautiful classic bikes, all build before 1974.

Thanks to Svendborg, Reading, Bad Salzungen and Pacov for your hospitality for the classic riders from the ECMO family and a wonderful motorsport year.

I hope that the slow-growing trend of participants continues in the near  future.
Chairman of ECMO


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